If you’re a nonresident of Nebraska and you wish to obtain a Nonresident Real Estate License, you may need to complete this course as a condition of receiving your nonresident license. Before enrolling, discuss your specific situation with the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.

To complete the course:

(1) Read the material in its entirety.

(2) Complete the questions at the end of each section. You must turn in both completed quizzes.

(3) Before a certificate of completion can be issued the following items must be returned to Randall School:

  • both completed quizzes from the study manual
  • the evaluation, exam questions and answer sheet – Faxed answer sheets are not accepted.

We will grade your exam while you wait or within one business day of receiving it in the mail. You need to have returned the quizzes and exam questions and scored 76% or better on the exam to pass the course. If mailing your certificate we will send it to the address you provided on your enrollment form within one business day upon your satisfactory completion of the course and the return of the assignments and the exam. If you provided an email address, the certificate will be emailed to that address.

Don’t forget:

(1) Your answer sheet contains a certification that you have completed the course by your own efforts which you must sign. Students whose work is rejected due to learner identity issues will be reported to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission

(2) Also, we are required to report your course completion to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. There is no need for you to send a copy of your completion certificate to them.

Course Policies

The fee for this course is $59.00. We charge $5.35 postage and handling if course materials need to be mailed. The course fee is non-refundable once any course materials have left the office. The course must be completed within one (1) year from date of purchase, as required by Nebraska Real Estate Rules & Regulations. Randall School is unable to grant time extensions.

To enroll in this course, please call (402) 333-3004