About Cyndi Robirds: In 2017, Cyndi embarked on a journey into the blockchain world. The pivotal moment arrived in 2018 when a friend posed a compelling question: “How can I use my Bitcoin to purchase a house?” This intriguing inquiry ignited a passion within Cyndi that led her to reach out to real estate professionals nationwide and delve into a profound exploration of this dynamic field. As a licensed Realtor® operating in both Nebraska and Iowa, Cyndi has witnessed the real estate landscape undergo a transformative shift with the rise of blockchain technology. Amidst the influx of complex and extensive information surrounding this realm, she found herself in demand as the go-to source for simplifying the intricate details. Cyndi has honed a unique skill set, translating the complexities of this “foreign land” into easily digestible concepts for those embarking on their journey into this captivating space.
Paul Vojchehoske