Enrollment Procedures
Advance registration is recommended and payment is due UPON registration. If you do not receive a written confirmation three days prior to the course starting date, call the school office at 333-3004 to verify your enrollment status. Maximum class size is 48.

Tape Recorders
Randall School does not allow audio or video recording of any class sessions.

Absences and Tardiness
Students are expected to attend all class sessions for the courses taken to comply with license law requirements. A student who is absent for more than one class session is required to make up missed sessions in an upcoming class before receiving a certificate of completion.

Leave of Absence
A leave of absence will be granted for illness, emergency or unexpected reasons considered valid by the school. If granted a student may enter a later class within a period of one year at no additional cost to the student.

Policy of Exam Prep – Retake
Once a student has enrolled in the Exam Prep course and received the material, he or she may attend the course the next three times it is offered at no additional charge. This privilege ceases at the end of the third exam prep course. If a new manual is desired, there will be a $45.00 charge, plus $5.35 postage, if necessary.

Standards of Progress
Students will be expected to complete all written examinations as the course progresses. A cumulative grade average of 70% or better is required on the examinations.

Certificate of Completion
Only students who have met the attendance requirement and have a cumulative grade average of 70% or better will be issued a certificate of completion.

Student Records
The fee to provide duplicate certificates of completion is $10.00 per certificate for courses taken before January 1, 1990 and $5.00 per certificate for courses completed after that date. Transcript fee is $10.00.

Cancellation Policy
If cancellation occurs within 72 hours of enrollment, all monies paid shall be refunded. If cancellation occurs after 72 hours of enrollment, but before resident classes begin, or home-study materials are delivered, a refund shall be made of all tuition except a registration fee not to exceed $150.00. If the student discontinues the course after one or two class sessions, 70% of the tuition shall be refunded. After three or four sessions, 50% shall be funded. No refund after five sessions. Home Study Courses are good for one (1) year from date of purchase. No refunds on Home Study Courses. If any students attending under the Veterans program should discontinue the course, the refund amount of tuition, fees, and other charges for the unused portion of the course shall not exceed the approximate pro-rata portion of the total charges that the length of the uncompleted portion of the course bears to the original length.

Charge Account
For your convenience, classes may be charged using any credit card EXCEPT American Express or paid by check.  Cash is no longer an acceptable method of payment.

VA Benefits
All 30 hour courses (except Home Study) are approved for Veterans and other persons eligible for VA benefits.

Entrance Requirements
Since some students enter the school for a basic background in real estate and are not seeking a license, there are no entrance requirements. Randall School is open to ALL people in search of real estate knowledge. The student may contact the Program Director of Private Postsecondary Career Schools at the Nebraska Department of Education.

Student Dismissal
Randall School reserves the right to dismiss any student who exhibits belligerent, disruptive, inappropriate, or disrespectful behavior.

Previous Education
Students who have completed pre-licensing real estate courses from other education providers or in other jurisdictions should contact the Nebraska Real Estate Commission to verify whether their previous course work will be accepted in Nebraska.

Randall School of Real Estate does not discriminate among students on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, sex, marital or handicapped status.