With a background in philosophy, theology, a seventeen year religious ministry, I needed a career that would be personally satisfying, not be prejudiced towards my education and prior vocation, and provide financial stability. The answer came with a license in real estate. Since 1990, I have been living it, being beat up by it, surviving it, thriving with it. Residential real estate was by specialty, building it, remodeling it, fixing it, leasing it, renting it; working with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants who were searching to benefit from it. Each day offered a new  opportunity to achieve personal goals that were beyond my expectations when I first began. I sought to get results by doing everything legally, ethically and carefully, while remaining courteous, competent and concise. Now, almost 35 years later, I am semi-retiring with gratitude for everything. It’s semi, not total as I am finding too much fun keeping my finger in the pot. Early in my career, I learned to perfect the art by teaching it. It began with encouragement from Sally McMahon, a great woman in my estimation. She became my mentor showing me how to teach with confidence, joy and conviction. My plans are to continue to do until my students vote me out of office. Dean 
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